Be a smart blogger!

Have a website or a blog for your small business? Good! You’ve set up your online presence, found a niche and marketed yourself as an authority on a certain topic. However, if your website frequently shows a lack of rudimentary grammar skills, you will have just lost all credibility and will be forgotten. Don’t let it happen to you.

Before posting anything to a website with your name or brand on it, make sure to run the text though an instant grammar check program at It is a fast service and, more importantly, it is a free one. Have a concern about subject/verb agreement? Are you wondering about jostled tenses? Do homonyms trip you up? can help. Just select your text from whichever word processor you use, go to the website and paste it in the box. In a second, any errors will be pointed out. Don’t let an easily rectified problem bring down your site. Visit today.

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