Count and Non Count Nouns

When learning English, learning when to use count and non count nouns will not only enhance your learning ability, but make your speaking sounds ten times better.

1. Count Nouns

A. Count nouns are used when a subject can be counted.

Some of examples of count nouns are:

a few- meaning three
a couple- meaning two

An example on how to use count nouns is:

a. “There are three apples”

Three is the count noun being used to tell us how many apples there are.

b. “There are a couple pears.”

A couple is the count noun being used to tell us how many pears there are.

The count noun “a/an” is used to describe an object in the quantity of one. It is often used instead of one.

c. “There is a car outside.”

A is the count noun being used to describe how many cars are outside.

2. Non Count Nouns

A. Non count nouns are used when nouns are assumed singular already or when they are infinite.

Some examples of non count nouns include:


a. “I drank water with my lunch.”

b. “I will go cut the grass.”

c. “I am stuck in traffic.”

B. When the noun is infinite the word “some” is used to add a flexible quantity to it.

a. “I would like some water with my lunch”

b. “I am stuck in some traffic.”

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